Espacio profesional sobre esquizofrenia, depresión y trastorno bipolar

Bridging of childhood obsessive-compulsive personality disorder traits and adult eating disorder symptoms: A network analysis approach.

Giles S
Hughes EK
Fuller-Tyszkiewicz M
Treasure J
Fernandez-Aranda F
Karwautz AFK
Wagner G
Anderluh M
Collier DA
Krug I
Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCDP) traits are commonly associated with eating disorders (EDs), with evidence demonstrating that these traits predispose and exacerbate the ED illness course. However, limited research has examined the symptomatic interplay between ED and OCDP traits. We used network analysis to (1) identify the most central symptoms in a network comprised of OCPD traits retrospectively assessed in childhood and ED symptoms and (2) to identify symptoms which bridged OCPD traits and ED symptoms.
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