Espacio profesional sobre esquizofrenia, depresión y trastorno bipolar

Association between childhood maltreatment and the clinical course of bipolar disorders: a survival analysis of mood recurrences.

Laroche DG
Godin O
Belzeaux R
M'Bailara K
Loftus J
Courtet P
Dubertret C
Haffen E
Llorca PM
Olie E
Passerieux C
Polosan M
Schwan R
Leboyer M
Bellivier F
Marie-Claire C
Etain B
Childhood maltreatment, also referred as childhood trauma, increases the severity of Bipolar Disorders (BD). Childhood maltreatment has been associated with more frequent mood recurrences, however mostly in retrospective studies. Since scarce, further prospective studies are required to identify whether childhood maltreatment may be associated with the time to recurrence in BD.
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