Escala para el Síndrome Positivo y Negativo de la Esquizofrenia. Clasificación de los pacientes con predominio de síntomas positivos o negativos.

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In 1880, Jules Cotard described a set of delusions in the form of negations that later became his eponymous syndrome. Cotard's syndrome is an uncommon condition characterised by the presence of nihilistic delusions in which the person thinks that "they are dead or that the world no longer exists"....
Cottin M, Hernández C, Núñez C, Labbé N, Quevedo Y, Davanzo A, Behn A
Distinct sources of stress have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic. Particularly, fear is expected to generate significant psychological burden on individuals and influence on either unsafe behavior that may hinder recovery efforts or virus-mitigating behaviors. However, little is known about the...
Garza Guerra AJ, Adame Rocha GH, Rodríguez Lara FJ
The clinical difference between bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder has always been a diagnostic challenge, especially with type II bipolar disorder and subthreshold symptoms, opening a diagnostic bias with the consequent repercussions of inappropriate treatment. Both pathologies...
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